Feb 22, 2018

I hereby officially launch my games development studio.


Who are you?

It doesn’t matter.

Why the studio?

I like to make games, and this studio will give those games a home.

Why “confident idiots”?

I read this article (pdf) a while ago, and it struck a chord with me.

Digression: I’m also a confident idiot! I can - with bags of confidence - sometimes proclaim the most absurd things. After some introspection I realised that as an engineer (who likes to use heuristics) I say these things a somewhat-educated approximation of the truth (which I do not know, mind you). See? I’m just trying to be helpful to the person on the receiving end. I’ve become much better at this, and just say “I don’t know”.

Anyhoo - where was I… I read that article, and it struck a chord, but mostly I liked the phrase “confident idiots”.

What types of games can we expect?

I’m a passive-aggressive sod, and would much rather convey my distaste of something with an inner grunt than speak my mind.

I thought - hang on! - that’s unhealthy, right?

I’ll try my hand at poking fun at annoying things in my life (to make myself feel better) using the medium of games.

However, sometimes (or mostly) games might just be about a simple concept, or showcase a piece of art or technology.

As long as you have fun playing those games.